Orders can usually be canceled as long as the package has not been picked up by the carrier yet. To cancel an order, please send a message right away using the Get in touch link at the bottom of this page. For the Subject of the message please enter "Cancel Order".

Received a Shipping Confirmation Already?

If you emailed a cancellation request and then received a shipping confirmation email after that, do not worry. The shipping system has just generated a shipping label for your order, and as soon as your cancel request email is seen by customer support, it will be canceled.

If your shipment was already picked up by the carrier before you could request a cancellation, please still send a message. It may be possible to intercept the package.

For eBay and Amazon Marketplace Orders

If you purchased from Fredwarner1 on eBay or Amazon, the above instructions apply the same, but you'll need to submit a "Cancel Request" from your orders page on eBay or Amazon.

Note that sometimes eBay will say an order cannot be canceled if they already received the tracking number, but in some cases it still can be. In that case, please send a message following the instructions at the top of this page.