Magma Sunbrella covers are an excellent accessory for your Magma grill. They help protect the grill when stored or not in use, and also eliminate glare from the stainless steel surface. Magma makes their covers in six different colors, and in six different sizes (for the marine grills). The part number always starts with “A10-” and ends in the two-digit color code. Please refer to the charts and pictures below:

Grill Sizes

A10-191 = Kettle Original Size
A10-492 = Kettle Party Size
A10-890 = TrailMate (Magma 9″ x 12″)
A10-990 = Newport & ChefsMate (Magma 9″ x 18″)
A10-1290 = Catalina (Magma 12″ x 18″)
A10-1291 = Monterey (Magma 12″ x 24″)


BU = Burgundy
CN = Captain’s Navy
FG = Forest Green
JB = Jet Black
PB = Pacific Blue
RB = Royal Blue

Here are high-resolution close-up photos of each color, detailing how the fabric actually looks.


All Part Numbers

Here are links to each of the grill cover sizes and colors:

Kettle Original Size
  • A10-191BU = Kettle Original Size Burgundy
  • A10-191CN = Kettle Original Size Captain's Navy
  • A10-191FG = Kettle Original Size Forest Green
  • A10-191JB = Kettle Original Size Jet Black
  • A10-191PB = Kettle Original Size Pacific Blue
  • A10-191RB = Kettle Original Size Royal Blue
Kettle Party Size
TrailMate Size
Newport/ChefsMate Size
Catalina Size
Monterey Size