If you placed an order but need to change the address, please send a message right away using the Get in touch link at the bottom of this page. For the Subject of the message please enter "Address Change".

In most cases, to change the address it will require canceling and refunding the order, so that you can reorder with the corrected address. This is due to the policy of most payment processors, which require orders to be shipped to the address listed with the payment transaction (for fraud protection).

For Shipments That Haven't Been Picked Up yet

If your shipment has not been picked up yet, it can usually be pulled from the queue in time. Please send a message without delay. If you sent a message and then received a shipping confirmation email after that, do not worry. The shipping system has just generated a shipping label for your order, and as soon as your email is seen by customer support, it will be pulled.

For Shipments in Transit

If your shipment is already in the hands of the carrier and on its way, please still send a message. It may be possible to intercept the package.