Basic mechanical steering systems come in two main types: Rack & Pinion and Rotary. Rack & pinion systems take up a lot more horizontal space behind the steering wheel, requiring a wide dash, while rotary systems are much more compact at the helm, and can fit into tighter spaces.

The number of turns lock-to-lock varies with each system. Generally, a lower number means faster steering, but more effort required. A higher number means slower steering, with less effort.

Some kits come with a NoFeedBack (NFB) feature, which locks out steering loads coming from the outboard.

Dometic (SeaStar Solutions) offers several models in each type, which have varying features and turns lock-to-lock. See the below table for a comparison:


Series Type Turns NFB Model Cable Max HP Max MPH
SS132 Rotary 3.0 Y NFB Safe-T II SSC62 100 HP 50 MPH
SS137 Rotary 3.0 N Safe-T QC SSC62 60 HP -
SS147 Rotary 4.2 Y NFB 4.2 SSC62 130 HP 50 MPH
SS141 Rack & Pinion 4.0 N The Rack SSC134 75 HP -
SS151 Rack & Pinion 4.0 Y NFB Rack SSC134 150 HP 50 MPH
SS152 Rack & Pinion 4.0 Y Dual Rack SSC135 300 HP 55+ MPH